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Features 2

The Evolution Of A Logo - page two

The next small adjustment came in the form of a new motto. Radio WJKS of Gary, Indiana was the station Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys made their debut on. That is enough to impress Steve Miller but it's the meaning of those letters that impressed him more - enough to change the motto to Where Joy Kills Sorrow.

That's how things stayed for a while though we did get animated thanks to Colin South. If you have a couple of minutes click here to see the high res animated logo (290KB). Close the new window when you're done.

When The Bites put out their CD White Lines And Runways in 2003, they did some beautiful hand screened posters, including their own version of our logo.

We'd been getting a bit bored with it anyway (no offence to Artifishal for their fine work but it has been around for a decade) so we decided this was the way of the future. If you want to be on the label you have to do your own logo. Here's Ross McLennan's W. Minc logo.

Here's New Estate's version by Mia Schoen.

And coming up soon, on a compilation record of Melbourne bands to be called Melbourne Water Mia Schoen has taken us into uncharted waters with this masterpiece.

So - if you'd like to send us your version we'll definitely display it on this page and rummage through our cupboards for something to send you in return.

And finally, W. Minc's foray into television with the Steve Miller hosted Graham Lee researched Supermodels series on classic design has spawned this sensational Flash animated version of the logo by our good friend Neil Salmon. Make sure you've got your speakers turned on. Amazingly this is almost a tenth the size of the previous animation. Opens in a new window.

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for now.


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